A. Curneen & Son offices
Main Steps

These are the main steps of the process.

  • Talk to Curneen Solictors before signing or paying anything
  • Pay booking deposit following our advice
  • Choose an expert to look at the plans and building specification and you will also have them look at the building before closing to make sure properly finished
  • Apply for loan offer and comply with loan conditions
  • Builder's Solicitor furnishes contracts, guarantees for deposit and building works, copy title deeds, planning documents etc.
  • Meet Curneen Solicitors to consider loan offer and contract documents and if ok to sign and pay balance of deposit (to make up 10% of purchase price)
  • Curneen Solicitors return contract and deposit when everything is in order
  • As completion approaches you should:

    (i) attend to loan conditions and keep an eye on building;

    (ii) check availability of lenders survey and ensure ESB and gas connection and supply will be ready;

    (iii) arrange closing with us and provide money;

    (iv) come in to us to sign to sign loan documents.
  • Builder says building is finished - have expert and finish snag list
  • When searched ok and we have loan cheque we use it and the balance provided by you to complete the purchase, get your deeds, documents and certificates that we require and arrange for the keys
  • After closing you must obtain keys and move in to your new home
  • We then stamp your deed and mortgage
  • We then register your ownership
  • We give the lender our guarantee of your title and your documents